Saints Row: The Third Function Reference

Global functions

These functions are assumed to be globally available to all scripts (they aren't defined in the available Lua files, or are defined in files that are known to be always loaded).

This list is assumed incomplete; additional functions could exist in the exe but not be used in the game scripts, and there's no definitive list of Lua files that are always loaded.

Function name Global Defined in Examples from patch (click blue number to expand)
qte_cleanup true
    qte_human_is_used true
      • m24.lua, line 1547: if attacker ~= nil and human_is_downed(M24_characters.killbane) == false and M24_killbane_reacting == false and qte_human_is_used( M24_characters.killbane ) == false then
      • sh03.lua, line 1133: while( (qte_human_is_used(LOCAL_PLAYER) == true) or (coop_is_active() and qte_human_is_used(REMOTE_PLAYER) == true) ) do
      qte_start true
        • m02.lua, line 2579: qte_start(REMOTE_PLAYER, "Mission02_SKYQTE3", "m02_cb_remote_final_grapple_finished", M02_groups.sky_goons_07_A.grapple_enemy)
        • m02.lua, line 2589: qte_start(LOCAL_PLAYER, "Mission02_SKYQTE3", "m02_cb_local_final_grapple_finished", M02_groups.sky_goons_07.grapple_enemy)
        • m05.lua, line 1554: -- qte_start(LOCAL_PLAYER, "m05_leap", "m05_qte_completed")
        • m05.lua, line 1557: -- qte_start(REMOTE_PLAYER, "m05_leap", "m05_qte_completed_coop")
        • m21.lua, line 2943: qte_start(player_in_ring, qte_name, "m21_corner_qte_complete_cb", M21_characters.killbane, false, M21_navpoints.killbane_beatup_trigger_points[enabled_trigger_index])
        • m22.lua, line 2500: qte_start(LOCAL_PLAYER, "M22_BossFight", "m22_killbane_qte_completed_cb", M22_characters.Killbane_QTE)
        qte_start_m02_skyqte_01 true
          • m02.lua, line 1975: qte_start_m02_skyqte_01(player_name, callback_func, grapple_enemy, grapple_pos)